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Thread: Wild Turkey and Coke

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    Wild Turkey and Coke

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That's gotta leave a mark. I'm surprised the truck seat it as clean as it is. I wonder if the driver's underwear fared as well.
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    i dont think i want any of that drink
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    If you look at the gobbler's gives a whole new meaning to a hangover.......

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    After that I'd have to have the other turkey and coke, and I don't even drink! Also a change of drawers!

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    I don't like turkey all that much anyway. And I'm a Pepsi drinker. In the early 70s my brother and I were driving up to Ottawa, and somewhere east of Oshawa, when my brother suddenly said, 'Duck' not too loud. There was a great crash, and I looked forward to see that the right side headlamps were now pointing at 90º to our direction of travel. So I asked him if we shouldn't stop and see what had happened. He said, "I know what happened. A pheasant came out of the roadside and we hit it. Didn't you hear me say 'Duck?'"

    I said "No," and then added, "So if it was a pheasant, why did you say 'Duck?'" Those were good times.

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    I hit one doing about 70mph while working as a test driver for GM. The Buick Enclave came out just fine. The bird struck the front grill/hood before glancing off the windshield. My driving partner told me to turn around and when we got back to the scene of the bird strike there was feathers still floating down from the sky. I took a picture of the bird and of the feathers stuck in the grill and sent it to the engineers managing the test drive program and they got a big laugh out of it.

    I really got lucky because a 20-25lb. object striking the windshield directly usually goes right through.
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