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Thread: Thank-you Ned!!

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    Thank-you Ned!!

    Over in his bathroom reno thread, Ned posted some photos of the paint job that his crew gave him. They'd asked for orange, but not THAT orange.

    This was exceedingly timely, as I was just about to paint my shop ... orange.

    Last spring after doing a bit of reno work, I painted my shop a pale blue. I used an eco-paint (recycled) product from the borg, since it was cheap and I wanted to try it out.

    I've disliked it almost from day one (too flat feeling, and too blah for the colour.). Couple weeks ago LOML and I attended a talk on paint colour at the local home show and it gave me the impetus to get this repainted. The speaker talked about different moods and impacts that colours make on us, and also how they work with the environment. (ie: she said you should never paint a north-facing room blue, since it does not get direct sunlight it will always feel cold/dreary.)

    Anyways I wanted something brighter and more energetic and set about trying to find a brighter colour in the orange realm, something with a sunshiny feel. Not an easy task...
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    Ned's post caused me to rethink my final choice of paint chips, and tone it down a bit to a paler orange. I was reminded also of the advice a friend gave me years ago to always pick the paint colour one step lighter than the chip you choose, since it'll always make a much bigger impact when you cover the wall with it.

    And I'm pretty pleased with the result. I wanted bright sunshiny orange, and I pretty much got that.
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    (But I need to work on my photography/lighting skills, as these shots still aren't quite a correct representation pf the shade, even after some iPhoto fiddling)
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    Glad I could help Art! Your shop looks great!


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