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Thread: WTB: Kreg Router Table Feet

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    WTB: Kreg Router Table Feet

    I upgraded my Kreg router table to have casters and used 2 of the feet that came with it for something else. They are perfect for a couple other applications I have so I'd like some more. If you've added casters to yours, I'm interested in buying your feet! I'd probably be interested in 2 sets of 4. I'd be interested in a partial set too instead of one of the sets of four if that's what you've got.

    Just in case they've used dramatically different types, mine stand a total of about 5" tall and look like this. Let me know what you want for them shipped to 48140.

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    If nobody wants to sell you their surplus Kreg feet, you might be able to use these. At about two bucks each, they're affordable, and the web page offers a couple mounting options for them, too.
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    just about any kind of leveling feet you could want are available3 from here
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    Thanks guys. The WW Hardware ones are a little lighter duty. McMaster has some I'll probably order if I can't find any "surplus" Kreg ones--I just know the Kreg ones are exactly what I'm looking for.

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