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Thread: Back in the saddle again.......

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    Back in the saddle again.......

    I had another of my famous "retirement" projects on my assembly bench without any progress since last October. I was racing the winter weather and an October 13th surgery date. I did manage to remove the patio metal roof, replace the damaged soffit and paint the new soffit and facia and get the patio metal roof reinstalled 2 days before the first winter storms.

    Then I had my cochlear implant surgery and it effected my equilibrium. It's only in the last couple weeks I felt confident enough to start walking on a treadmill again.

    I bought and assembled a new scroll saw for the wife last week.

    Today I went back into the shop to work on the oak entertainment center for the first time since last September. It took a couple hours to figure out where I had stopped, what to do next and get started. I began dryfitting the full extension drawer slides and the 6 drawers and the 4 sliding shelves. This will allow me to calculate, measure and mark where the European hidden hinges should go on the doors and drill the doors. Then I will dry fit the hinges and doors. I have 2 pieces of molding to make and install before some final sanding and start finishing.

    It felt good to be back in the shop woodworking for the first time in 4 months!
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    Good news Ken. Glad you are feeling well enough to start making sawdust again
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    Great your are finally able to get back in your shop Ken Don't forget to show us pics of the entertainment center

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    good for you fitz
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    Welcome back to the workshop Ken!
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    It's good to hear you're back at it, Ken!!!
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    Yes, glad to hear you are feeling well enough to get out to the shop, let alone work in it. Maybe I missed it, what kind of scrollsaw did you end up purchasing?

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    Jonathan, I ended up buying my wife an Excalibur EX-21. My wife will be the primary user, has no experience using power tools and I was concerned about safety. The tilting head of the Excalibur brand leaves the table top flat and for me that was an increased safety factor. That coupled with a deal we couldn't refuse at the Spokane WoodCraft caused me to buy it then even though I wasn't ready to buy it at the time.
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    Welcome back Ken. I wish you all of the hearing, stability, woodworking fun, that you can stand.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim C Bradley View Post
    Welcome back Ken. I wish you all of the hearing, stability, woodworking fun, that you can stand.


    Yes Sir! So happy for you Ken, and can't wait to see the entertainment center completed!
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