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Thread: This project went well for a while at least . . .

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    This project went well for a while at least . . .

    I was off work today and felt motivated to do something on the lathe. LOML has been after me for a bowl to put on the table by the front door for keys and such.

    I broke out a 8" x 8" by 2" piece of maple that probably originated from Allen Levine's scrap pile. I attached a faceplace, rounded it out on the bandsaw and then started on the outside profile. I got the outside profile shaped, sanded and finished after a while. I need to get somesanding tools it I'm going to do very much of this sort of work. . . I need to dig back into the archives - Vaughn has posted the tools he uses to polish his bowls.

    I then chucked it up in the lathe chuck and started hollowing. I need to get some lessons . . . I ended up pretty much scraping the entire interior of the bowl at I couldn't figure out how to use the bowl gouge . . . Next stop Youtube . . .

    I was getting there when I realized that it had hollowed too deep and the bottom was paper thin. I attempted to continue but a catch on the rim shattered the bowl and ended this project.

    I have 3 pic attached :

    One showing the outside of the bowl - sans bottom,

    Another showing the inside of the bowl pieces.

    3rd image showing the cross section I had at blastoff.


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    images arent showing Jim.
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    I just get the little red and blue "whats it" in a box. When I click on one I get an error message saying, "Invalid attachment specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator."

    No joy.


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    Sorry folks - the new software here is thwarting me.

    Lets try this.

    I was trying "old school" method in what appears to be another world.


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    Bummer Jim, being new to the lathe myself, I can relate, 2 steps forward 1 step back
    Long as no body parts, tools or windows were injured, I'd rack it up as another learning experience...Hmmm, one would think with all the 'learning experiences" I've had. I would be much better by now

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    Don't feel bad, we've all turned our share of "funnels"... I have a nice 12" spalted hackberry sitting on my workbench with a 4" hole in the bottom... still thinking about adding a bottom and trying to salvage the bowl.
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    Bummer on the lampshade, Jim. I don't think someone is an official turner until they've blown up a few things and made a few bottomless bowls. Looks like you killed two birds with one stone on this one.

    You mentioned heading off to YouTube for some tips on tool use. Keep in mind there's a fair amount of bad advice on YouTube, and some of it is downright dangerous. Bob Hamilton has a number of good videos, and I trust his advice (even in cases where I prefer to do something in a different way). His YouTube channel is here:
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    "bottom was paper thin....I continued, then..."

    Sounds like me - cut the board too short so I cut it again to be sure!

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