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    hey folks,

    I'm just testing DragonDictate for site purposes.
    I'm trying to see if this software works with DragonDictate, although I haven't figured out yet how to navigate anything from link to link. New sentence. Looks it just type the command that I gave it because I don't know the software very well but I'm determined not to change anything because I want to see if this will work or not. I guess if I had any brains I would go through and figure out how to click things on here or move from page to page or do anything else complicated pet my brain can't figure out right now. Looking back over this, it seems that the Dragon technology has gotten much more accurate than it was last time I tried anything like this.

    Wow! This really is much better than it used to be. Of course, it may help that I'm using a much better microphone than I used to use (handheld condenser USB microphone instead of instead of one of those cheap little headsets that are used to use). Looks like I need to learn not to repeat myself, as the software not get it right the first time.



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    Can it also click mouse buttons by sound commands?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mohammad Madha View Post
    Can it also click mouse buttons by sound commands?
    Yes, in theory. I need to figure out how it works, and then test it against the site software to see if there's anything we need to tweak...

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    Bill this is great news. I have been a big supporter of dragon going back to when i first came out. Purchased it many times between then and now. Have my eye on a Sony dictaphone with stereo mics that is dragon approved.
    My SA accent has always been a challenge for it which is why i have battled with it. But i am hoping the neural has improved and want to give it another go round. Which version are you testing right now?
    I was under the impression Bill Simpson was gonna give dragon a try to be able to still participate on the forum.
    Dont know Bill well but if someone that does reads this post they should let him know to try it.
    Please keep us informed on your progress.

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    Thanks Bill for giving this a shot...
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    That looks (should I say, "sounds") like it would be easier than typing. I have not use a voice recognition program for many years. What I tried was a lot more work than typing---correcting the errors, that is. At that time it was a curiosity thing. I was a gadget freak.

    I am interested in which version you used.

    My radio typing test in the service was 102.2 words per minute. "Radio test" because I was copying code and the only acceptable result was 100%. Miss one letter and the entire message is destroyed; it is 100% or garbage. It could not be decoded until the entire message was copied and copied correctly; miss the 200th letter/number and NOTHING could be decoded---you had to have the complete message and it had to be perfect. Now that is stress. If the message is received during a battle, it is REALLY STRESS. I'm very glad to state that I never had that particular stress. On the other hand, I was just a dumb, immature kid.

    All the above stuff was for was to explain why I did not mind typing. However, now, I could not type 40 wpm for three minutes straight. My thumbs start to scream at me. I'll give it a try when I find out what you used. It looks like a spelling/grammar checker would find the errors quickly, making corrections much simpler.


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