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Thread: jointer or planer

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    jointer or planer

    I asked some questions about table saws some time back. I have since decided to keep my old saw for now.
    I still have permission from the Purchasing Dept to buy a power tool.
    While trying to hold a $1000 budget I'd like to hear what others might buy.
    I primarily turn wood. Segmenting from time to time. Some flat work but not cabinetry. Padlocks small boxes ect.
    Would you buy a jointer
    Or a planer
    Or something else.


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    i would in your case get the dewalt planer to thickness your material down for either of your projects, be it turning or the small boxes you mention, as for the jointer get a good used one they are available for less than new quite you should be under budget and have two good machines to do your work.. from what your saying a good used 6" jointer would be fine and they are out there on craigslist and such.. i know of one now that is still in the box.. but he wont sell it yet

    here is a good one near you to much money he needs to come down on price but good built machine..LINK
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    I'll echo Larry. I have a 12" Delta planer (which I don't recommend) and a 6" Grizzly jointer. As a person who primarily does turning, they are two of the least-used power tools in my shop, but when I need them, they sure are useful.

    The Dewalt planer Larry mentioned is very popular for good reason. They're not easy to find used, because most guys who buy one don't want to part with it. On the other hand, 6" jointers are fairly common on the used market, since a lot of folks start with a 6" model then move up to something larger.

    With a $1000 budget, you should be able to get both, as Larry said.
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    +1 for what they both said and I'll add you should be able to get lunch and some turning stock with the change.
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    +1 for what they all said
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