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Thread: For the techies here

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    For the techies here

    I just had a technology thrill today.
    Had to buy new cartridge for my color laser but after seeing the price i decided to buy a new printer instead. Son will take it with to school later this year so i picked up a Epson 4 in one with double sided printing and wireless. What a nice cheap fast unit.
    Now this is not my first wifi printer.
    The thrill came when i found out i could download a free epson print app for my Atrix mobile phone and hook up to print from phone to printer.

    It was a simple thing but such a thrill to have tech work so wonderfully seamlessly and just work so well.
    What a nice setup.

    As Hannibal Smith from A team days would say...." I love it when a plan comes together."

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    I know what you mean, Rob. It's pretty cool to see the kinds of tricks technology can do. I picked up an HP printer last weekend that's wi-fi, and it also works as a web-based network printer. I can e-mail a document from anywhere and it'll print it. And it was under $100. About the cost of three ink refills, I'm guessing.

    I realize that for quite a while printer prices have been artificially low. They are viewed by the manufacturers as ink delivery devices. They just about give them away in order to sell ink.
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    Yup, got two Epsons at the house. One thing that is a pain is that they don't recognize the printer and install drivers, I have to run the epson install on each computer. But have had zero issues with them and I like the individual color cartridges.

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