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Thread: Hello from Cajun land

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    Hello from Cajun land

    Hi, my name is Donald, and I am a new member. I don't have much woodworking knowledge other than the very basics. I couldn't even tell you what a dovetail is. But I can hit a nail 9 out of 10 times. LOL. But, I am beginning to remodel our house and I am sure I will have plenty of questions. Now my dad, there is a person who missed his calling to be a carpenter. This man decided one day he wanted a gazeebo, so he looked at a few pictures and built one. No plans, no fuss. Two days later he had a gazeebo. I learned what I know from him, but lost interest once I became a teen. Now I am pretty much kicking myself for not learning more. Well, anyway, have a great day.

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    Welcome Donald!
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    Welcome aboard, Donald. We've got everybody here from rank beginners to weekend warriors to seasoned pros. Don't be bashful about asking questions. The only stupid questions are those that aren't asked.
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    Welcome aboard Donald. Looking forward to your posts.

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    welcome don,, so where down south you located? gonna be down your way in few weeks..
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    Hi Donald,

    Welcome to the funny side of the street. We have a great gang. Humor and information abound.


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    Welcome to the clubhouse Donald. Would not be worried if i were you, the gang here will see you right or it aint possible.
    Just fire away oh and before you buy any tools check in here with all for reviews. We all have bought tools at some point or other that we could have done without and saved the $$$

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    Welcome to the Family, Don.

    I'm sure you can get answers to any of your questions from the folks here. You'll enjoy this family!
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