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Thread: Butting heads is not the answer

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    Butting heads is not the answer

    Received this in an e-mail..thought I'd share

    Look in the Background...
    Deer Loses Head-Butt Battle with Wisconsin Lawn Ornament
    Courtesy the La Crosse Tribune

    A seven-point buck lost a fight with a 640-pound concrete elk lawn ornament in the backyard of Mark and Carol Brye's home in Viroqua , Wis. last week.

    - The buck was apparently sparring with the lawn ornament. Mark Brye, 58, couldn t help but laugh about the unusual incident, the La Crosse Tribune reports.

    - "Our son and daughter gave it to us for Christmas four years ago because we like to hunt elk," Brye told the Tribune. "The elk is a nice thing to see every morning. It looks pretty cool, especially on a foggy morning."

    - Brye said he knew exactly what happened when he saw the elk tipped over on its side, but wasnt expecting to find the bucks carcass lying about 20 yards away.

    - The deer shattered its skull. Brye claimed the deer using a deer tag issued by a Vernon County conservation warden. The warden's tag note read: "lawn ornament fight & lost."

    - He took the deer to a butcher and now has a freezer full of venison.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    They must be really improving the looks of these concrete animals

    This was local to me. Independence cops, kill concrete alligator:

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    We pranked a fellow back at camp one year with one of those life-like targets, about 15mins before legal hunting hours, we heard him shoot 2 times and seen the holes that defied his story of how it wasn't him...he finally fessed up on how after the first shot didn't drop him, he thought his scope got bumped and tried again with the open sites

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    Unreal would never have believed it were it not for carcass in the background.

    As a matter of interest what would happen in a case like this if he had no tag? Would he have had to hand the carcass over to conservation authorities?? Whats the rules say here???
    This aint "roadkill"

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