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Thread: Friday 3/9 Edition

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    Friday 3/9 Edition

    Well Friday, what is planed for your weekend?

    Myself, a couple loose ends to finish up before school next Monday.
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    Friday: Final top coats on some of my credenza project parts. While that dries, I'll mill some red oak for my next major project. Dinner with LOML at Applebee's tonight

    Saturday: Maybe a little shop time while LOML is shopping with a friend. Mainly some chill-out time!

    Sunday: I'll prepare brunch, as usual, then settle in for the Las Vegas race.
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    Around 1100 miles on the road slated for this weekend but all rested up and ready to get back to my shop.....and the day job

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    Tonight after a quick trip to the gym and watching the Jayhawks beat Baylor for a 3rd time this year, I'll be in the garage/shop continuing to plug away at the awards I need to finish up. Saturday involves trip to the vet, dropping off the car for oil change and then back to the shop before hopefully watching the Jayhawks woop on Misery or TX in the Big 12 championship. Sunday will sleep in and wake up and watch bball until the selection show to see where the Jayhawks will have to go thru to get back to the Final Four this year! Rock Chalk!!
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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    Mucho shop time, por favor.
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    Tonight I'll be making some signs for our booth and loading up the truck. Tomorrow morning we have to leave early early early and get setup for the Snake Parade in North KC. We're helping sponsor the Heartland Border Walk for MS with a friend that owns a cookie shop along the parade route. Sunday I'm hoping for a little shop time and finishing up walls around the doorway and maybe starting new cabinets for the front wall.

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    I am hoping to get some shop time this weekend but loml is starting up her own part time venture (oh boy) and i will no doubt be dragged kicking and screaming into it. I got some staining to do and i also hope to further my various carts that are all in some stage of wip. I am having second thoughts on this mobile strategy. There is a definite need to have some things do double duty.
    Sat night i have a 50th bday party to attend should be some good social time with friends.

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    I have to take some pictures for a friend in the east coast.
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    My MIL made it through her medical crisis and things are looking promising. My wife will be spending the weekend at their house helping with meals and cleaning as well as her mothers personal needs.
    She and her sister and brothers have been coordinating the visiting nurse, physical and occupational therapists they are coming to the house. We are also getting quotes on a sit down tub/shower installation to make it easier for my mil.

    Tonight and tomorrow morning I'll be taking my grand daughter Abby to dance classes.
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    I'm at mens Christian retreat this weekend. At a beautiful location on the Chesapeake bay called Sandy Cove. Road the bike up 95. I put my highway pegs on and a riders back rest got on the highway flicked on Cruse control and sat back.
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