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Thread: learned the hard way again today

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    i have seen way worse looking pieces allen,, those arnt that bad for what you did with it
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    Not only are those blotches not-so-bad, Allen, but a few months of sunlight exposure will likely render them pretty much invisible. Exposure to the atmosphere renders cherry almost 'self-healing.'
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    the only think I liked about the cherry I used for the panels was that it was all preplaned down to around 7/8th, very smooth, and I only had to make a couple of light passes to have it ready to go.
    The boards were straight and I didnt have to do much milling of it all.
    I think Im going to purchase alot of my lumber from this dealer(rosenzweig lumber in the bronx) in this stage.
    He was 4.66 bf for cherry 6in wide, and around 5.25 over 6 inches wide.
    Very fair prices, and alot less work for me, and I get to pick each board.
    I dont agree with his measuring methods, but I guess they are allowing for the milling of all 4 sides and surfaces.
    Ill have to ask him next time I go to him
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    Allen I wouldn't make them over either , I've used Cherry but never had to use the pre-stain before on Cherry - mostly use the pre-stain on the soft wood . Who would have ever though this would happen like this .............MB
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