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Thread: Hunting and some thoughts from South Africa to consider

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    Hunting and some thoughts from South Africa to consider

    Some time ago we had a thread that raised the issue of hunting. It can be a subject that causes controversy and at the time i made a feeble attempt to explain it from a different perspective.

    When i got to hear about this site I felt it was something i should post to let more visibility come to what is more of the reality rather than what our media masters would like to have us believe.

    Well here is a story of a professional outfit in South Africa that provides hunting safaris. I am somewhat familiar with the area they are in and thought the owner has written an excellent article in the sites "About us" page of how they as a family owned farm came to be hunting outfitters.

    If by chance you are anti hunting and a staunch environmentalist or conservationist you would do yourself a favor reading this article.

    Warning its a long article and to get the facts you gonna have to go all the way through since its the story of how they came to exist as a privately owned game farm and hunting operation.

    I am a mixed breed when it comes to which animals i find visually appealing. The Pasquinell in me has me in love with the Moose and Bear, the African in me admires this beautiful animal called the Sable Antelope seen here on the home page in the bow hunters kill. Were it not for this kind of outfit i think this animal would be one of those we would have seen disappear from the earth given where its primary range is in Africa. When you see it on the rocky outcrops (called kopies) in the national reserve its a fine looking species that almost looks like it comes from imaginary stud breeding of select antelope species.

    I urge you to read the article specifically if you are a vegetarian. You might get a shock to learn that veggie farming is a bigger animal killer than anything else in Africa. Just that the lettuce aint pulling the trigger or letting go of the bowstring.

    Hope you find it intesting.

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    I used to hunt and enjoyed it very much. Now I prefer just taking pictures. Management of wild game populations via sport hunting is an environmentally sound concept and one I fully support. That Sable looks a lot like the Alpine Ibex...we called them Stambecco..that I saw while hiking in the Dolomites in Italy.

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