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Thread: Vaughn's First Trip Home

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    Vaughn's First Trip Home

    I know the house is around here somewhere!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    now thats funny bill you must have got bored with doing honey do's to find that somewhere
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    Well, the lawnmower did break down (although I think she willed it to break because she didn't want to mow the lawn), but now she's got the lawnmower guys (er...gardeners) coming every two weeks to keep the jungle at bay.
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    Finally someone that match Vaughn for pictures. Good one Bill.

    Well Vaughn there goes all that hard earn coin. You a better man than me. I dont know if i could manage what you having to go through. Hope you get it right to work from home soon. Bachelors life aint fun when you married.

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