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Thread: Some great news for many:)

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    Some great news for many:)

    i was over to fine woodworkings site and was reveiwing a sketchup session that dave had there,, as i was browsing around i ran across this great deal!!!! LINK

    and in my opinion its a steal at that price.. if you have that to go back to for reference you can master sketchup quickly,, and make your own plans instead of buying them
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    Woot! That does look like a good deal.
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    Thanks Larry done deal. I just hope Dave is getting something out of this and its not a book type deal with starving author.

    Want to add Dave is a woodworker as we know and has helped many of us with this tool. The cool thing i think about this is that for a guy like myself who does not get to use it frequently enough, i forget some things, but with a source like this video for a reference i can get the refresher i need when i need it.

    Well done Dave. I am sold.
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    Thank you, thank you gentlemen. You flatter me.

    Rob, no worries. I didn't quit my day job, yet.
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