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    Drill Doctor

    I've actually had this a couple of years now, but never used it. I had picked it up on close out at the blue borg for $30. We sold the old house about the time I bought it and had to pack it up. I came across it last night and man this thing works well! Takes about 10 seconds from start to finish to sharpen up a bit. Went through the entire box of bits I keep at the drill press in about 10 minutes from 1/16" to 1/2" in 1/64" increments

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    Darren.....I'm in the same boat. I have's never been opened.....I've had it for 2-3 years. It's in the upper compartment of one of my hanging wall cabinets. Glad to know it works!

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    I love mine! works great, I also picked up the larger holder for larger bits up to 3/4"
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    glad to hear it works well.
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    I've saved so much money on buying drill bits I bet my Drill Doctor has paid for itself 10 times over!

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    I had gotten one when I was installing camper tiedowns and a super heavy duty hitch on my truck. I had a bunch of 1/2" holes to drill through some fairly thick steel.

    I would have had a big pile of useless bits if it hadn't been for the drill doctor.
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    I've used mine quite a lot, and agree it works great. However, I've not used it much since I bought one of the drill bit assortments from Woodcraft...the kits with multiples of each bit size. I'm still saving the bits as I dull them, though, and when the time comes, I'll have a massive bit sharpening party and dress them all back up.
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    Really weird, I just got through using mine for the first time in years to sharpen a 3/4" bit for a friend. Come in here to see what is going on in Family Woodworking and the first thread I see says "Drill Doctor"!!

    They work, but I use mine so seldom I have to re-learn each time I get it out.
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