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Thread: Anyone Up For a New Homework Exercise? [SketchUp]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Richards View Post
    Mmmmm, donut!

    David, welcome to Family Woodworking. Perhaps you can let us or at least me know where along the learning curve you are. If you don't want to put that out publicly, you can send me a PM.
    Thanks. Well, that donut took me about 25-30 minutes. So that's where I'm at.

    But seriously, I've been using SU for a few versions. Since maybe 5 or 6? I use it for recreational purposes. Last year I got sidetracked into Kerkythea but then ran out of patience and went with Podium. I want to learn about different techniques and available plug-ins. I can do anything that doesn't involve curves/angles through all three dimensions... a cabriole leg w/ claw foot is beyond my skills. Or a footed bathtub, for instance.

    The octagonal turning in your last lesson was interesting too, because I didn't anticipate the distance differences between a circle and the octagon. For instance, the way I did that one was to build a profile, Follow-Me around a complete circle, then draw an octagon a Push it through the shape to flatten out the top and bottom pieces and create the interior. That gave me 1/8th of the shape, I just assembled from there. It took some trial and error because I kept underestimating how much bulge I needed in the profile to crop the top and bottom while avoiding the turned section in the center.

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    well dave no quarutees i am out on recess now and not sure where i will be when i get back in again right now i am in the dog house..
    If in Doubt, Build it Stout!
    One hand washes the other!
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    Hi David, welcome to the classroom. That's a fine looking doughnut, hope you brought enough for us all

    We have a great teacher in Mr Richards! FYI, he's not as sadistic as one might think after reading some of the moans & groans posted in his threads{mainly from me }.

    Larry's out playing during recess, I'm usually in detention... You probably won't hear much from us as we're the quiet types . When we're not sitting in the corner, we sit in the back. Not sure if it's because we are the noobs to Sketchup, or if there is a conspiracy towards those of us with grey beards. Bill is an almost shoe-in for class valedictorian {figures, one little apple and BANG! to the front of the class he goes }. We also have a variety of students whom I believe must be on a full ride scholarship, as they come and go as they please .

    Anyways...glad to have you here, be sure to peek into some of the other rooms here, lot's of friendly knowledgeable folks who love to trade methods, tips, secrets, and the occasional yarn, with like minded woodworkers...OK I'm outta here, gotta hankering for some apple fritters!

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