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Thread: Time to show off the new additions to the Coolmeadow household...

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    Time to show off the new additions to the Coolmeadow household...

    I put this together last night, but after previewing it to make sure everything was ok, I must have failed to send it.

    I'll do this in chronological order of how they came to be. In the first of December, a shelter over in the Dallas area had 2 pups, one of each sex, that looked like setters. We got pictures...solid black. Not Irish. But they definitely had some setter in them, just what else we didn't know. An all breed rescue group away from us said they would take them, so we sprung them and vetted them, and left them there for 4 days or so to try to make sure we didn't bring any diseases to the house, because we had our name in the hat for a new show puppy that was to be born just before Christmas. LOML couldn't stand it and brought them home and quarantined them in our utility room between the kitchen and garage. We set up an exercise pen on the side yard so they wouldn't be where the rest of the dogs were at all. One came down with a slight case of kennel cough about 9 days in. So we really had to keep them separated then.
    Well, I fell in love with the boy. Glenna really liked him to, but was holding fast that he couldn't stay. The new show puppy was on the ground and we were getting pictures and trying to decide on which one. About 3 weeks ago, she decided she couldn't let him go either. His name is Jett. The first picture is from back in December: Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Jett 12-11.jpg 
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ID:	65898 This second one is from last night: Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Jett 3.16.12.jpg 
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ID:	65897 He's up to 40 pounds now, and only about 5 months old!!! Still a great dog.
    A week ago yesterday, Glenna left with a friend to pick out the new show pup from the breeder in Tuscon, AZ. She was torn between the 2 she could choose between, and finally decided on this one with the Breeder's and the friend's help. This is the breeder's "S" litter and was to have a western theme. Meet Jadestar Stetson: Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Maverick 3.16.12.jpg 
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ID:	65896 Unless we come up with a better one, his call name for now is Maverick.
    They are both a hoot to be around. And have already become best friends. Jet weighs almost 30 pounds more than Maverick does, but is generally pretty easy with him. Here is a picture I took, while writing this, of them in the little ex-pen we have set up in the family room: Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Jett and Maverick 3.17.12.jpg 
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    Not sure either one of these guys will be shop dogs. Won't try them till they are older, at least with tools running, although both have run in to the shop once and sniffed around. Pups are such fun to watch explore and learn about their surroundings. Jim.
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    Congratulations on the new additions. I agree, Jett has to have some setter in him somewhere! Maverick certainly does have seem to have a touch of Irish mischief in the eyes. They are quite a pair.
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    Looks like you will have a blast for the next several months, and a lot of fun and companionship for many years to come. Great looking dogs!


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    Great looking pups Jim They look like a good addition to the household

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