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Thread: Brought home some more arn..

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    Brought home some more arn..

    This little gem took me on a 100 mile round trip to bring it home, but I scored some turning WOOD on the way home too. WOOD is in caps, because the two 24" long logs were so big that togather they weighed just shy of 700 lbs! They were cut from the trunk of a 96 year old oak and were about 25" in diameter. Dang near lost a nut getting them into the back of my Jeep!~

    Refurb soon to follow, I still need to refurb my new shop sized sandblast cabinet that I picked up last weekend before I can dig into this saw ->

    Anyway, here is my new little toy, it's an early 50's Delta/Rockwell bandsaw and it's in mint shape. Solid cast iron wheels on this one too!

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    That bandsaw appears to be in good shape. That should help cut down on the overhaul. I s that a 14" BS?

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    Great find... I've been looking for an older 14" BS, and that one looks awesome. Look forward to when you get it restored.

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    Looks like a great saw. Lotsa 'big iron' in that one!

    Just curious, though - is the back cover for the upper wheel missing, or did the saw just never have one. While it sorta looks like it oughtta have one, I can't see where one was ever mounted.
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    Sorry guys, I would of fell over dead if that was in that shape and a 14" saw... Nawh, just a little 10" job and I am still on the prowl for an old arn 14" Delta. Even when I find the larger saw, this one will stay in the shop so I can keep a smaller blade on it. The back is open and it came that was when new. Not only that, the blade guide on the left side (cast iron riser side) is wood and original! I thought at first it was a shop made repair untill I looked into it further. I think it's mahogany too. I need to replace it, but it's a very simple design.

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