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Thread: It,s not woodworking but still a lot of good pocket hole joinery

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    It,s not woodworking but still a lot of good pocket hole joinery

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    If only it worked that well
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    Hoo boy, all I could think of was "man whats that gonna be line when the next storm rolls through and the pressure changes".

    Very cool anime though

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    I dunno, I think it should have ended with the Theme music from the Six Million Dollar man... (boy am I dating myself there!)
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    Excellent animation. I tend to have mixed feelings on the actual merits of some of those remedies like Jay says would be nice if they worked that way that easily.

    Have been the recipient of two of the shown methods to fix my leg. Broke both tibia fibula and femur in the course of a motorcycle accident.

    Nice clean breaks. Ended up with a pin in the femur no screws to hold it in, they have it shaped and sized to fit the inner profile of the bone and allow marrow to still exist. Press fit.

    On the tibia i had the pocket screws and plate option. All looks great except my body reject the metal place on the tibia and it caused a huge problem. Nearly lost my leg.

    All orginated due to doctors neglect after the break while exploring non surgical means to have natural healing take place.

    Its amazing to see the orthopedic surgery with all its tools especially the saws. The screws used have very deep flutes by normal standards.

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    Cool animation. Kinda hurt to watch the first part, though. It brought up a few dark memories. (I had a 30 foot fall years ago, but was fortunate to land on my feet, and I didn't hit anything on the way down...except for the concrete at the very bottom.) The hardware shown for the fractured vertebra is a pretty close match to what I've got installed at L3. Without the technology we have today, I'd likely be a very crippled man now.

    My nephew has a roommate who works as a field rep for a company that makes and sells orthopedic hardware. Although he's trained as an airplane mechanic, he's been dealing with bone hardware for a number of years. He works in the OR with the surgeons, making recommendations on what devices to use for specific problems. He has a good reputation, and many of the local orthopedic surgeons ask for him by name. Noah is in his early 30s, but I've known him since he and my nephew were in middle school. In my mind, I still see him as the skateboard-riding kid with a backwards baseball cap, but in actuality, he knows more about orthopedic surgery than many doctors.
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    Vaughn your nephews story took me back to my time in hospital. Something that struck me as odd in relation to the orthopedic surgeons setting up of a tractions.
    Note i am referring back to a time 30 years ago.
    At the time i was preparing to write my physics exam while in hospital.
    Given the text books around i got chatting to the doctors. I enquired about how he set up the traction. To my total surprise I discovered he had never been taught or studied the concepts of parallelogram of force.
    Suffice to say he was most interested to learn of it and modified my own traction as a result making it far more comfortable and efficient in achieving its objectives.
    When i got to the stage of being able to move around in a wheelchair i was asked to review other patients tractions and make recommendations for adjustments. Imagine the lawsuites if that happened today.

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