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Thread: Plane gloat - rabbet plane

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    Plane gloat - rabbet plane

    I picked this up off Kijiji after thinking about it for a while. The plane looked very good in the pictures, but at the $30 price I was afraid sometning must be wrong with it. I had my son pick it up and he brought it home today. It comes with the original box, and TBH, I don't think it's ever been used. It has the factory edge with no sign of ever being honed, and no chips or wood dust hiding out in the nooks and crannies. The blade is in near new condition and it came with the original box. No way to tell its age, as far as I know, but a plane in beatiful condition that will be a valued user in my shed.

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    Nice Gloat
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    A lot of folks look with disdain on a 75, but I like and use mine. It won't take the place of a fine shoulder plane, or do the job of a workhorse rabbet like a 78, but it is a sweet tool for when you need what it does. Congrats. The price was about what they go for, and you got one in pristine condition, with a nice box, so you did well. Tune it up and put it to work.
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    Nice gloat!

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