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Thread: Bedrock 608C for sale *Sold*

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    Steve Clardy Guest

    Bedrock 608C for sale *Sold*

    I need to move this Bedrock 608C to a new home.
    Almost completely restored.
    I did not refinish the wood. Finish is ok.
    Two minor problems.
    One, is the N.Y.S. stamped on the cheeks.
    Two, the chip breaker has a fairly deep rust pit. [I'll replace with another]
    Neither affect its use.
    Blade sharpened, but not honed.
    Oh. It's a little dusty after looking at the pictures.

    $250.00 plus actual shipping cost.
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    Very tempting.
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    Steve Clardy Guest

    $225.00 and I'll include shipping

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    Pretty nice type 1-4. To bad I wish I needed one. But I have this nice Miller Falls #22
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    It's tempting but I just don't use a long plane that much. Now if that was a 604 1/2C Bedrock...

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    *Plane is sold*


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