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Thread: My first project - Coffee table

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    My first project - Coffee table

    Here is my first woodworking project, a coffee table, I really enjoyed doing this. It's funny how much you learn doing such a simple project. We had one of those Ikea tables before, and I thought, 'I can make something better', and I did. The wife loves it and several family members made comments about how they now want one. I made it out of poplar and stained it with English Chestnut.

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    That's fantastic Brother Shawn !!!!!!
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    Good Job Shawn
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    Great job, love the color.

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    Sweet. Nice work.
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    First project and it deserves 3 of these very well done Shawn, you can be proud of that one

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    you're in trouble now ("the wife loves it"). good work!
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    Really nice work. Especially for a maiden voyage!
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    Very nice work! What's next?

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    well done on staining popular, and having it look that good when you got done!!
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