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Thread: Where to buy Anchorseal?

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    Where to buy Anchorseal?

    I know it's available online, but do any borgs or big boxes sell it?


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    somewhere east of Queen Creek, AZ - South East of Phoenix
    I have bought it at Rockler and Woodcraft has the same thing but all it green wood sealer.
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    I buy mine here.

    I don't like anchorseal 2. IMHO it does not work like the original but will do in a pinch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Baer View Post
    I have bought it at Rockler and Woodcraft has the same thing but all it green wood sealer.
    I've also bought the "green wood sealer" from both suppliers, and as far as I can tell, it's identical to Anchor Seal. When I was last shopping for a 5-gallon bucket, UC Coatings had a bit lower price than Woodcraft, but their shipping was quite a bit higher because I was on the opposite side of the country in California. Looks like you might be in the same boat, being in WA. I've not seen it an any of the Borgs.
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