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Thread: fill holes in foundation

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    Question fill holes in foundation

    Guys, we had the old oil tank in our basement taken out & according to them the fill pipes must be taken out also. So they took them out & put a tad bit of expanding foam inside. I want to fill them with either concrete or something similar.

    What is the best thing to use & how do I do it? I really don't want to get a 50lb bag of cement to fill 2 small 3" holes.


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    I'd use hydraulic cement. It will be waterproof.

    You can get it in small buckets.
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    We've used concrete patch that comes in 1qt or maybe a 1liter bottle from the borg. It's made for small concrete patches.
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    The concrete patch stuff from the Borg should work fine, Chuck. Out of curiosity, is there a problem with the expanding foam? I'd think it's as good of or better seal than a concrete patch.
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    hydraulic cement works great for small patches like that.

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    Another vote for the hydraulic cement. Expands a bit as it dries, and makes a waterproof seal that'll last somewhere near forever. Gotta work fairly quickly with it, though - it begins to harden after only a few minutes.
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    I used some of that hydraulic cement to patch some cracks in a pre-cast concrete irrigation tank last year. Worked great!

    It comes in little buckets, so no worries about a 50# bag.

    (To be honest, the 'pre-cast irrigation tank' is something that most folks have buried underground and use for fluids other than water. Just another one of the 'creative' solutions the previous owners installed here)
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    They only put in about 2" of foam just to keep out small insects & the foundation is about 8" thick.

    Thanks, I'll go get some of the hydraulic cement.

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