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Thread: A few planes that I am working on.

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    A few planes that I am working on.

    Hello everyone. Been registered on here for about 4 years but life got in the way and kept me from woodworking outside of work. I now have the time and I am looking forward to being back in my little garage/shop. I got the hand tool bug recently and and it's slowly been turning into a passion. I bought a few Stanley's........a No#4, No#5 and a No#7 off of Ebay over the past couple of months. I have completed the restoration of the no#4. I gave it plenty of love by lapping the sole/sides and smoothing up the frog area. I added a new Hock blade (high carbon) and will keep the originals for practice with hand sharpening.. I used to be able to sharpen by hand being taught by a shop teacher and my grandfather. I'm sure I still can with some practice, but for now I am using the Veritas Mk II guide. I left the tote and front knob alone because they were perfect other than a couple paint splatters from a previous owner.

    I will be restoring the No# 7c and the #5 this week. The 7 is in very nice condition already, but the #5 sole has severe rust/pitting and I will probably end up putting a light grind to the sole. I have a good friend with a machine shop who loves to see wierd projects come through the door. The front knob stud will need to be rethreaded as well.

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    Looking good John
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    Really nice job on that #4. Hope to see the others in time.

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    Nice job on the #4 I have a bunch to do the same to. Just had a #4 done Saturday at a class and can not wait to do more

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    nice start to your collection,, what is that shoulder plane in the back ground?
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    Larry, that looks to me to be the new Stanley premium shoulder plane.
    John, very nice job on the 4. Before you go to grind the sole of the 5, think about gentler methods such as a citric acid bath, Evaporust or electrolysis. Unless your machinist has experience with planes, it could be more harm than good.
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    Thanks guys. Larry: the shoulder plane is a newer (SW) Stanley 92. I bought it and the (SW) low angle block plane for a very good price. I've read some bad reviews about them, but they seem to work as well as the planes I used back in 70's.

    Ken: Yeah ...... I know grinding may seem a little harsh but some of the pitting is .045 deep and the size of a quarter. The worst of it is near the mouth. We are going to fill the deep areas using a (TIG) and then grind to the filler metal to the current sole flatness. This would be "over the top" expense wise for most people. But in my case, it is just a couple of guys messing around in the shop and having a couple of beers after. Here is a picture of the sole.
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