Would seem to me with quiet a few new members around it may be worth digging up a few "Golden" threads in our forum. I have been doing some searching here and this thread is a virtual treasure trove of information on Gilding but also an entertaining story. Yeah its got some spinny and finishing in but its woodworking and involves long time contributors and an art form that can cross all bands of woodworking.

You gotta take Vaughns advice when delving into our past here, Google search is the way to go if you looking for info.

Man I salute guys like Toni and Stu in this thread that has taken the time to carefully document hard won knowledge and impart it for all to learn. Thanks Toni and Stu they are the primary contributors (and all the others) in this thread


Stu on a lighter note if you see this thread, I cannot help thinking a documentary on your MIL would make for a heck of a movie. Not sure what Genre it would fit in though, comedy, tragedy, thriller, certainly not suspense (she seems to predictable ). You a better man than me for making that bowl after reading the end game story. Kudos to you. I learnt about more than just the gilding here.