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Thread: Some nice toys/collectibles...

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    Some nice toys/collectibles...

    A bit more than I'd spend...but nice...

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    Nice but way over my budget too.
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    Cool stuff indeed. The prices are high, but I don't think they're unreasonable considering the work involved in making those pieces.
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    I could see those doing well as custom items for folks with deep pockets....
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    Wow. I agree with what Vaughn said i bet the hours involved would easily justify the price. Make a great corporate gift to the right kind of person when one is dealing at the top level business to business. Would be interesting to understand the demand he experiences. Wonder how many he sells in a year.

    Worksmanship is amazing. Thanks for the link Darren.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Keeble View Post
    ....Thanks for the link Darren.
    +1 ^ Add me to that list, and the gift list if your making one

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    Amazing, seeing as they are kits, for the greater part, embelished perhaps, but from "Toys & Joys". Nice looking finishing though.
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