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Thread: New Orleans Saints Bench { Final Bench }

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    New Orleans Saints Bench { Final Bench }

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2012 - DAVID'S FLEUR DE LEIS BENCH - 3-28-2012 - 2 (Small).JPG 
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ID:	66188Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2012 -  DAVID'S BENCH - SIDE VIEW (Small) (Small).jpg 
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Name:	2012 - DAVID'S BENCH - AT AN ANGLE - 3-28-2012 (Small) (2).jpg 
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ID:	66190 This is my final bench for my cousin that lives of course in New Orleans , it's a 4 footer for easy transporting back to New Orleans in his Jeep . I wish I could make more for all my kin-folks , but there's no way .Keep in mine that these 10 footers were given to me - and me and the wife worked real hard on my patterns for these benches I've made for presents - cutting them down and refinishing them was the hardest part for me ...the Router work and staining and finish work was the easy part to me.....the brass leg tips have not been installed yet - so these will enhance it some more ........any comments are welcomed......MB
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    Beautifully done! I don't suppose you are adopting new family members..........

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    Those were a great series of benches Marshall, thanks for sharing them with us You and your wife can be proud of your work

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    Very nice! Adopt me... I need an LSU one in cypress preferably

    Well done

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    Great job, Marshall.
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    marshall, I think the church is going to get pretty ticked off when they find all those benches missing.

    great work.
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    Very nice Marshall. I think your additions to these benches adds to their appeal. Saints fans are gonna need a pick me up after what has just happened to their coach.
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    Thanks for all the great comments guys ........I really like this site .............MB
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