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Thread: My Writing Education

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    My Writing Education

    Some of you know that I'm a writer by profession. I figured I'd share with y'all the secret to my success: A quality education. Dan Boleo helped me; I'm sure he can help you, too!

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    much of that read like Yoda wrote it.

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    Luv the coupons address...1313 Mockingbird Lane....sound familiar?
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    Vaughn, did you mean to post that a day early? I di'nt see nuthin worng wid his riting though.
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    I cannot imagine why this reminds me of a time that I attended three days of lecture by a man from Germany. He spoge like dis you know. Mit all of da der, die und dasses. Anyway somewhere along in the third day of his English sprechen lecture, a man in the front row of the audience sneezed.

    Der professor sprached, "Gesundheit! You notice how I sed dat mitout an aggcent."

    That was over 50 years ago and still remember. I could even tell you where I sat, in the audience.

    So, to better English go.


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    Basically what it takes is read, read, and read. That improves your vocabulary and grammar usage. In these days where TV rules and the conductors of the programs that have highest audience have a short vocabulary and even shorter intelligence empoverish the language unless people expose themselves to more and more words everyday by reading.

    Latest statistics here in Spain reveal that teenagers barely read books. No newspapers, no books no novels, their reading ability and comprehension is very low by the time they finish school, and the widespread use of SMS in their own jargon makes things worse. When asked to define anything the main used words are "awesome" and "nice". Words like beatiful, astonishing, enligthening,brilliant, superb, and others are absolutely unknown or not understood by them. When asked about giving sinonyms of words the number they can tell is one or two, most of them none. Not to mention the spelling/grammar mistakes which are daunting to me because they carry them up to university.
    I had a more spartan upbringing, and by the age of 7 I could read perfectly with rythm and entonation, and by 10 I made not a single one spelling mistake and now I'm grateful for that.
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    Snap Darren, Yoda too i thought it was.

    Good laugh there Vaughn:thumbup:

    Jim you always amaze me with your memory of events from long ago.

    But i was taught to have the audience remember a presentation it should be entertaining and engage your emotions preferably making you laugh. Perhaps that German fellow managed that.

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    I think we figgered out wher Larry lerned to rite and spel.
    Jim D.
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    Now Jim where i came from we had a saying when someone said something like that...."Ag shame you cant do something like that to Larry"

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    I always wanted to speak English more gooder and now I will be able to......
    I may be getting a little older physically but mentally I'm still tarp as a shack.

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