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Thread: "Router Table Baseplate"???

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    Cool "Router Table Baseplate"???

    Which base plate should I get,price vs function etc...?

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    I sue Rocklers 1/4" alum. plates.

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    I also use the Rockler baseplate in one table and the Rousseau 9x12 in another table.

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    I've got two phenolics from Hartville Tool that I've been very pleased with. They're ~ $30, stiff, functional, drillable, and are easily adjustable to level.
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    I bought the Woodpecker PRL 32 pitch off of their refurb page. Saved a lot, minor scuffs on it, and full warranty. Have to watch and not be in ahurry, as they don't have them all the time. Jim.
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    Thanks Guys!!!

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    Looks like that I am to late but I use the Woodpecker aluminum plate. Very high quality but a little expensive. Worth it to me.

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    Not at all Allen,I'm still looking! I'm going to take My time on this one.

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    Router plate

    I used the plates from Oak Park Enterprises for years. These are the guys on Router Workshop on

    But I have switched gears, so to speak, and will be using the Rosseau in the future.
    Lee Storesund

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    Add another vote for the Woodpeckers plates. I've used a Rockler plate and it was fine, but the Woodpecker is a little nicer -- it has the spring-loaded ball bearings to help keep it in place, and it has a nice insert system. (Of course, then you've gotta spend for the inserts, too.) I looked at the Rosseau phenolic plates, but they have an intentional crown in them that I don't think I'd like.
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