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Thread: The great shoulder plane debate

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    I haven't had a great need to get a shoulder plane. The last Morris Chair I built had ove 100 mortice and tenons; all cut By hand. I was able to do any clean-up required with my Stanley 98 and 99 Side Rabbit planes and my Buck Brothers paring chisel.

    I may buy a shoulder plane when I run across a used one; but I won't spend the money on a new one.

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    I do this

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	LV-Med-Shoulder-Grip-RH-002.jpg 
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    I have a LN shoulder plane, and sorry to say it no matter how many different ways I try to hold it I find it rather uncomfortable, even painful sometimes as some sharp edges press in certain areas of my hand. I mentioned this already on a post some time ago.

    IMHO there are many things that could be improved in that model, one thing that puzzles me is the fact that wooden shoulder planes (at least the ones I've seen here in Spain) have skewed blades, which helps a lot in keeping the plane against the vertical side of the rabbet or dado unlike the ones that have rectangular blades.
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    I've had the LV medium shoulder plane for 5-6 years, and I find it superb in every way. Last year I had the opportunity to try the LN at their show in Mpls, and just didn't like it as well as my LV. The LV is easy to hold, the fit and finish are superb, adjustability is great, the A1 iron takes and holds a great edge. The set screws really help hold the blade in an exact position. I've used it on a lot of furniture and have not found it lacking in any way. Even their miniature one (cute as a bug's ear) is great!

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    I have the LV medium shoulder and have used it quite a bit. Many times I use it in tandem with my LN rabbet block plane or my Stanley 78 just for the final clean ups or to get into that tight corner.
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    I had one of the big Record shoulder planes (same design as the Lie Nielsen shoulder planes) and never liked how it felt in my hand. No matter how I tried to hold it, it was uncomfortable and awkward. Then I got the Lee Valley medium shoulder plane and it was like a glove. It's a joy to hold and use. I sold the Record plane on eBay and never regretted it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glenn bradley View Post
    I do this

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	LV-Med-Shoulder-Grip-RH-002.jpg 
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Size:	106.8 KB 
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    Love it!
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