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Thread: Best way to joint boards without table saw or jointer?

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    Best way to joint boards without table saw or jointer?

    I was wondering what is everyone's opinion of the best way to joint boards without a table saw or jointer?

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    Well, if I didn't have access to either, I'd go with squaring up the face via hand plane...squaring an edge, probably use router table & a straight bit or, flush cutting bit & a straight edge guide 'if' the the piece were say 3/4" or so. thicker would lead me back to the hand plane.

    One time, years ago on a job-site, in a pinch, we over-lapped 2 pieces, used another for a guide and ripped thru both at once with a circular saw. It accomplished what we needed, but wasn't what one could call fine furniture quality.

    Sure those more experienced than I can offer more in-depth replies.

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    Straight edge and a router w/ spiral bit. If the board is warped to much I will snap a chalk line and trim with a saw first.

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    My first choice is neither jointer nor table saw. I go straight to a # 7 or #8 jointer plane. Even if I would use a table saw or jointer, I'd clean up those cuts with a jointer plane.

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