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Thread: My first jig

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    My first jig

    Made my first jig today. It is a circular saw ripping guide. I am trying to make a twin bed from the plans that I got from Matthias Wandel's website. I decided to buy five 2 x 10's x 8 and rip the boards that I needed. Didn't have any luck getting a straight edge at all so I did a search on circular saw jigs and made this one. This is also my first glue up.
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    That is one of the handiest jigs Greg and you will use it a lot also goes to show, You can never have too many clamps

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    Way to go, Greg. If you're like most of us, I'm betting that'll be the first of many jigs you end up making over time.
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    Good show. Those little buggers that make tasks safer, faster and more accurate seem to multiply of their own accord.
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