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Thread: Hi from (Gerry) Humphrey Amplifiers in Chanhassen, Minnesota!

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    Hi from (Gerry) Humphrey Amplifiers in Chanhassen, Minnesota!

    Just wanted to say hi!
    Check out my album if you'd like to see what keeps me busy - this is fun stuff
    I'll probably be trying to track down some of "the tree" sometime soon - I have a customer that has a guitar with some of that gorgeous quilted mahogany and he'd like his amp to match (yes, I know how expensive it will be, but that's his decision not mine - I'm happy to oblige, if I can find some).

    Below is an amp made with ziricote. Lovely wood - I'll be building another one next month - can't wait!

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    Thought I'd give y'all a little more background . . . after many many years in senior management with a high-tech company, I had an 'opportunity' to do something for myself, so grabbed it with both hands.
    After a career at the bleeding-edge of technology, I find myself working with about the oldest of low-tech electronics - vacuum tubes. But there is a reason the best stereo systems in the world still use tubes to this day, and to prove I'm a good guy, I'm going to spare you all the boring detail as to why

    A good friend of mine makes guitars for a living and was bemoaning the fact that a) he could not find a nice small practice amp with the right sound quality and b) his wife asked him to 'get his junk' out of the living room every time he left his usual guitar amp there for more than a few hours.
    And so, the idea was born, a living-room-friendly guitar amplifier with the best possible hi-fi sound you can get.
    Pretty soon I'll be making a stereo version for those folks that want to play iPods instead of guitars.

    I've been at it a few years now & getting busier all the time. Until I started, the only woodworking I'd done was putting up a shelf (badly), so I'd a pretty steep & fast learning curve. Making the cabinet's is the part I really enjoy most. The circuitry etc is fun too, but not as gratifying as making sawdust.

    Within only a few months of getting started I was asked if I'd like to send one to David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), by his manager, for him to check out. He actually took it home with him, so they needed another for the studio . . .
    Shortly after that, I got my first review in Acoustic Guitar magazine - which was very favorable - then another in Vintage Guitar magazine. Picking up artsist endorsements has helped too - Roger Hodgson (Supertramp) and Al Petteway have both been wonderful supporters.

    Hopefully, I'll be able to avoid going back to the corporate jungle . . . .
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    Welcome aboard, Gerry. I'm one of those who understands why tube amps rock, and would love to hear one of yours. Your cabinets sure look sweet, too. I've toyed around with the idea of making a nice hardwood cabinet for my little Mesa Boogie, but these days I really don't use it at all. Nowadays I end up running through an amp modeler and into headphones or the computer.
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    Great looking amp Gerry, I'm sure it sounds as good as it looks too. BTW...Welcome to the family.

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    Welcome !!
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    Don't know anything about amps but it sure looks pretty.
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    Hi Gerry and welcome to the family. Great concept and am looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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    Nice Amp Gerry and Welcome aboard
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    Beautiful amps. I can only imagine how they sound! I tend to do most of my playing through headphones anymore, but I do have a little all tube fender princeton and a late 70's all tube peavey. Love the warmth of a tube amp!.

    Welcome aboard!
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