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Thread: Wooden Airplane

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    Wooden Airplane

    A little 'ditty' at the request of my daughter in law -- a baby shower gift for a co-worker -- momma & daddy to be are flyers and are doing the baby room as an airport (?), so this is in addition to the conventional pampers and one-zee's (whatever they are).

    Taken directly from Issue 127 October 2000 Wood Magazine -- a fun little project..........

    Sorry Forgot the details .. totally made from left over pieces : Body, tail and rudder is maple and walnut, pontoons mahagony, wing cherry (?)
    coated with BLO to enrich the color, several coats of Watco spray poly.
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    Nice job Tony! That's a great looking plane. What's the wood? Maple, mahogany, and walnut?

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    I love it! What a great little project. I'm sure there will be no diplicates at the shower.

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    I really like the blend of different woods. Tha will be a definte enjoyment for them.

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    That's just too cool, Tony. Great job!
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    I made wooden toys for a long time back when I had hair.

    That is one nice piece of work there Tony!


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