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Thread: red gum burl box

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    red gum burl box

    Hi everyone, just thought I'd share some photos with you of one of my latest projects, originally i was going to sell this, but my wife saw it, and i was told that it was not to leave the house!! As any married man will tell you "happy wife, happy life" !! When i finished it, i hid it away for a while and then presented it to her for Christmas

    I didn't have a lot of red gum burl wood, so i used a couple of red gum boards that i had milled with the chainsaw a few years back, i cut them down, rebated them, so the burl slices would fit, miter cut them and then glued them up.
    The lid was about 1mm too thick, but as i ran it through the thicknesser one last time a piece broke off, so i had to glue a strip of red gum down each side to make it the right size - ( am i the only one who has to change plans on the fly because of things like this happening ??) the base is pine and is lined with red velvet, but i don't really like the look of it ( the velvet - although my wife does ) so am looking for something else to replace it.
    The finish is 5 coats of gloss polyurethane ( i really like the"wet" look ) very interested to hear what the other members think - please be honest
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    That's certainly some great looking burl, Bruce. I think your 'creativeness' on the 'patch' worked out fine. The red velvet will be just fine! Like you said, "happy wife, happy life". (Just between you and me, dark green felt might be a nice contrast to the red wood)
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    Beautiful wood and great box

    I agree with your thought on the red velvet. Black or red would look good. But if the wife wants be it.
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    This box has a raw unrefined look that is very appealing.
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    That's a very nice box, Bruce. The wood's gorgeous, too.

    On the velvet, I'm not sure if you were talking about the color or the fabric itself, but I've had good success lining boxes with the do-it-yourself flocking. It's pretty easy to apply, and the end result looks good and is durable. I have a pool cue case with flocking on the dividers. It's been in nearly weekly use for the past 5 years or so, and the flocking is still holding up nicely.
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    nice wood for sure and the red inside is what SHE wanted so thats got to be right but i like green and red together as well...
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    Bruce, first of all, welcome and thanks for posting your work.
    I like the box, and no, I've never had to change a design on the fly. Yeah right.
    Your fix looks intentional, and fits very well.
    As for the red velvet, well, I share your opinion, but well, you know.
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    Can't you just see that box on an end table in a restored 1920's beach house!!! It would be perfect.

    Thanks for the pics and


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    Thanks for all the feedback, I really like hearing what other "woodies" think, the box itself was of simple construction, the real star of the show being the burl wood.
    I've been looking at some of the other projects on this site, and i have to say, there is some real talent out there !!
    Thank you also to Vaughn for his suggestion on the do it yourself flocking, i hadn't come across this product before,
    but it looks perfect for that kind of application.

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