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Thread: just being a total idiot

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    just being a total idiot

    now that I finished my hamper build, I decided to spend a few days cleaning out my crawl space.
    I have over a dozen bins of old paperwork from my business and I wanted to shred them all.(this is my first step to empyting out the crawl)
    But instead of waiting for help to get those extremely heavy bins out of the crawl, I decided to do the chore myself.

    moving around that tight space, with those heavy bins, then trying to get up a narrow cellar stairs and lifting them out, well, 4 bins later, I cant move my back.

    Im basically in agony, and Im too embarrassed to tell my wife who suggested I wait for my sons help.

    Im supposed to go out for dinner tonight, and tomorrow is a holiday get together, and Im dreading it all.

    I really hate it when I act like an idiot. I now will pay the price for my foolish behavior.
    Human Test Dummy

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    Ibuprofen is your friend Not that I speak from experience

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    I was an idiot also. Went to the chiropractor this a.m. Now I am comfortable. Myrna tried to get me to go yesterday. I didn't go yesterday. I had a really miserable day. I should have gone yesterday. Paraphrasing I say, "Myrna knows best."

    Sorry Tom. Ibuprofin did not do squat for me.

    Don't be an idiot twice, like I was. Go for help now so you can go in comfort tonight.

    Then Enjoy,

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    I second Jim's suggestion...unless it's just pulled muscles, which I've done many times...but go get checked out.

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    Ive had a couple of back surgeries, suffered from herniated discs for decades, I know rest is the only thing that is going to straighten me out.
    besides, if I called my doctor of 25 years, hed call me an idiot also and tell me to get into bed for a week.
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    I'd rather be a complete idiot than an incomplete idiot! If you're gonna do something, do it right! LOML has been almost pleading with me to see the chiropractor for at least three months. But, no - I'm toughing it out! My back is a disaster, right hip is inflamed half the time, I moan like crazy when I roll over in my sleep. Yuengling, Jim Beam and Ibruprofen are my friends!

    Oh, yeah - sorry to hear about your plight, Allen. I say the above in sympathy for you!
    Bill Arnold
    Citizen of Texas residing in Georgia.
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    Now I am just reading between the lines here but, it sounds like I won't have to help dad reorganize his shop anymore.

    We all have a "residual self-image". Mine is of me in my early-forties when I was still young enough to do things but, old enough to know to not do too much (most of the time). Believing in that past-image is what will get me in trouble. The older I get the more cautious I am. If I over-do, the recovery period costs much more time than waiting for help would have cost me. I am concerned about living to be a ripe old age in a state of discomfort and hobbled abilities. In my effort to avoid that, I am committed to taking it a little slower each year and stretch the good times out longer if I can .
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    Hi Allen !

    Definitely something you need medicines containing "diclofenac" . For example, "Flector" Ask your pharmacist. Patches, ointments, granules, injections.
    The chiropractor think it harmful.

    Get well !

    Dr Jozsef
    I love adventure. Therefore, I stay at home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Arnold View Post
    ...LOML has been almost pleading with me to see the chiropractor for at least three months. But, no - I'm toughing it out! My back is a disaster, right hip is inflamed ...
    Best thing I ever did for my back was start seeing a chiropractor regularly. I go about once a month now, and that pretty well keeps thigs in check.

    Second best thing I did was get a TENS unit (recommended by the chiropractor, prescribed by my MD, and covered by Medicare, BTW). When I'm having pain or spasms, half an hour with the TENS unit will usually take care of it. Mine's a portable unit, about the size of a cigarette pack (or a thick iPhone), and I generally take it with me to places like museums, woodworking shows, etc., where I'll likely be walking a lot on hard surfaces. That TENS unit is worth its weight in gold to me!
    Jim D.
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    I had a tens unit for a while, didnt help me much.
    for years I learned to stretch each morning and evening, and that helped more than anything, but today, Im just an idiot, so I skip the stretching.
    ibuprofen helped somewhat.
    Human Test Dummy

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