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Thread: Friday 4-6 Edition

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    Friday 4-6 Edition

    Wow, Friday again folks. So what's going on in your neighborhood?

    Myself, the usual little shop time, yard work, home work. Big feed here Easter Sunday.
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    Friday: Continue working on our platform bed and nightstand project. Also need to mow the lawn.

    Saturday: A little yard work. Throw a couple of ribeyes on the grill later in the day.

    Sunday: A total rest day for a change.
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    gonna attempt to get back to normal with tom N today,, gonna get some shop time first then its turn off the tools and visit..
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    Yard work...the past two years I've let it fall into shambles. Going to be a month or so at best, to get it back to being at least presentable.

    Larry & Tom, have a few 'visits' for me as well

    Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!

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    A little shopping this morning and try to mow the lawn, then this afternoon....yep what Larry said Tomorrow is shop time and Sunday is a little in the air yet.

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    Need to rest tonight...up late last night celebrating what would have been my FIL's 73rd birthday at his favorite spring/summer activity, Iowa Cubs Baseball (local AAA teem's opener). My nephew caught a foul ball too! Some of us might have celebrated a bit to much.

    Saturday is the daughter's first softball game of the year then off to a bonfire at a friends farm. Sunday is a bit of yardwork and then shop time till bedtime.
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    My daughter Melissa presented us with a new grand daughter yesterday afternoon Josephine Marilyn Bielat (the marilyn is my wifes name). So we are baby sitting their dog for a few days and will be spending time at the hospital with Mom, Dad, and Josie.
    They just happen to live on the seacoast just a few minutes from Woodcraft. I'm sure that I'll have to sneak out for a few minutes and check out some specials

    Sunday we are hosting Easter dinner as usual. The usual crowd of kids, husbands, dogs, and grand kids will keep the place buzzing for the best part of the day.
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    A lot of churchgoing, visiting my daughters on Sunday and celebrating my older daughter's new Toronto apartment.

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    Grandsons are coming over tonight, I also hope to finish a bowl I'm making for my woodturning club's contest.
    "Have no fear of perfection--you'll never reach it."
    ---Salvador Dali

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