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Thread: Worksharp 3000 ordered

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    Worksharp 3000 ordered

    I finally sold enough stuff on ebay to cover my new Worksharp 3000. Placed the order today.

    My plan is to make the stand & MDF disks as described here by Stumpy Nubs.

    I have no experience with polishing compounds. Is this a you get what you pay for item or is the stuff I buy at HF just as good as more expensive stuff I'd buy elsewhere?
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    Good for you! I have one and love it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rennie Heuer View Post
    Good for you! I have one and love it.

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    Awesome tool! I have one, too.

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    Ditto also. It is great to be able to step over and put a quick hone on a tool while working. When I have a lot of chisel work to do I keep mine right on the bench. As soon as I feel the slightest bit of resistance, I step over and give the edge a 2 second touch up and go back to work.
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    That is one awesome piece of machinery. It is really wonderful when you purchase something and it does everything that the ad people claim it will do---and do it well---and do it easily.

    It is great to be working with a chisel and be able to turn and put a perfect edge on it in a few seconds and then go back to work. I thought my tools were sharp before I purchased a 3000 several years ago. I just didn't know what sharp really was---The WorkSharp 3000 educated me on what the word "sharp" really meant. All of the irons in my planes truly cut now instead of blundering through the wood.

    I'm sorry if I sound like a WorkSharp sales person. I have absolutely no connection with the company. It is just that I am so pleased with my 3000.

    I have not been exposed to the WorkSharp 2000. However, it just looks like another piece of equipment that works for people who have the sharpening gene in their body and can make any system work. Whereas the 3000 lets a sharpening gene deficient person like me put on a fantastic edge and do it quickly and easily.


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