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Thread: sharpening/grinding systems

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    sharpening/grinding systems

    I am thinking about an 8" slow speed grinder. I have a 1" belt sander that I use for turning tools. I have a 6" high speed grinder I used for hogging metal, like lawn mower blades and axes. I use the Wolverine with both as the situation dictates, but am getting better with free hand sharpening. I also have the WorkSharp 3000 which does a wonderful job on chisels and plan irons. I have 8" wheels. I did once buy an 8" slow speed grinder but took it back as the shaft was bent and there were no more in stock.

    So the question is, what does the 8" slow speed get me that I don't already have. The reason I am asking is that I am designing a cabinet to store sharpening stuff and I need to know if I need to design in a space for this.

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    Carol, I have an 8" slow speed grinder, the one sold by Woodcraft. It has pretty nice white stones. The tool rests are so-so, and I replaced them with Veritas rests, bought used, and a shop-made version of wolverine for turning tools. Another thought, an 8" slow speed is not moving [in inches per minute] half as slowly as a high speed 6". Here's the math, it's
    1725 x 4 x 2 x 3.14 = 43,332
    3750 x 3 x 2 x 3.14 = 70,650

    The 6" grinder will give you a deeper arc on your chisels and planes, giving you better registration for freehand honing.
    The 8" slow speed is less prone to burning, and the white stones from woodcraft are nice. Bottom line, I like my 8" better than my old 6", but it isn't necessary, and won't add much to your arsenal.
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    I ended up with the woodcraft 8" as well. I was just going to replace the stones on my 6" high speed with white stones as needed, but then thought about it some and compared prices and the woodcraft was approaching the cost of replacement stones and I can leave the coarse grey stones on the 6" for hogging metal. I don't have a belt sander though...

    I think it really ends up being a question of the belt sander vs the 8" slow speed.. About all I can see is that the wheels on the 8" should last longer (cost per hours of sharpening) and you can run two grits (or one and a stropping wheel) at once. Whether it really adds a lot of value is questionable.

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    Like the others, my Woodcraft slow has the 80 and 120 grit white wheels. I don't think I have ever used the 80. White is set up with a Wolverine and works beautifully on my lathe tools. For other sharpening tasks I have a bunch of stuff and am still searching for the holy grail of sharpening equipment. Lately I have gone back the the future and am using Arkansas bench stones by hand.
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