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Thread: Dad's Pellet Gun

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    Dad's Pellet Gun

    I started shooting this Crosman 130 .22 pellet gun when I was probably 13, which is about the same age my dad was when he got it. It's now about 59 years old, made in 1953.
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    I probably shot it for two or three summers and then the seals began to fail and wouldn't hold pressure. I put it in one of my gun cases and it's sat in there since I've left home. With all the air gun stuff I've been doing lately I decided it was time to get it working again. I found an o-ring rebuild kit on ebay a couple of weeks ago and got it rebuilt this past week. I picked up some .22 pellets last night. Had to do one slight adjustment on the rear site, but it's working like new again.
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    Also did some touch-ups to the furniture using some Linspeed. I think Dad will enjoy shooting this again this summer when he gets back from down south.

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    My dad stole my Sheridan pellet Rifle I bought at K&K hardware in Bettendorf Ia with money I earned on my paper route.

    He won't give it back to this day.

    But that's ok, I've traded up on several other items from him over the years
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    Cool. That's definitely an old classic.
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    Brings back some great memories
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    got my old crossman 177 and thought my son which i didnt get would use it,then maybe a daughter but they didnt use it either,,,glad your dad has interest in it
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    Similar story here. I used to shoot my dad's crossman down in the basement into a home made bullet trap so i could reuse the pellets. I inherited it when he died and, like yours the seals were shot. I had the original case and paperwork, which indicated the gun had a lifetime guarantee, so I sent it off to crossman and they repaired it at no cost. I still enjoy shooting it.

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    That pic sure brought back memories. I got my doc degree and license in 1951, A few years later I purchased that Crossman pistol. Some time later I purchased a .177 Crossman pistol that used compressed CO2 for the power. I shot a lot of pellets with each of them. I cannot remember what I did with either of them---It was a long time ago.


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