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Thread: How do I kill mushrooms?

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    How do I kill mushrooms?

    How do I kill a few hundred mushrooms?

    I have a porous rock (probably slag from a steel mill type of firing) walkway north of the Outhouse (shed attached to north side of my garage/shop). Over the years I have had spurts of about 4 to 18 mushrooms growing there. Then it might go for months before another batch appear. Last time I was out there (yesterday I think) there were none. Today there are a hundred. The red "rock" is black with spores.

    In the past I have carefully dug up the few mushrooms and the "rock" in the immediate area and disposed of them. If I dig this mess up I will have some problems disposing of the stuff. I will have to purchase over a hundred dollars worth of the red "rock" to replace the bad area.

    It has been a vveeerrrryyyy long time since I had botany in my school courses. I just remember that this stuff is very difficult to get rid of. I could go to the nearest nursery for info. It is a half-hour away through So. Calif. traffic so I am asking here. Does anyone out there know what I can do?

    I tried a search. However, all I found out was that a bunch of our FWW members did something with mushrooms at a small concert called Woodstock. All they can seem to remember was the problems getting to the concert and waking up a few days later someplace or another. That does not help me kill mushrooms; entertaining, yes; kill mushrooms, no.


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    I sautee' them with onions, but that's probably not a viable option here!
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    The tip in Don's link about using fertilizer is a good one.

    Another choice is bleach, it will kill the 'srooms & the spores, but also any surrounding grass & or plants....use carefully if you choose this route.

    That's all I've got for now, all the pretty colors are distracting me, and the hookah smoking caterpillar keeps interrupting my train of thought.

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    go ask Alice i think she'll know.

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    There are granular fungus control products sold in the fertilizer section of your nearest store that sells that kind of thing.

    Or you could call some of those hippies from Woodstock and your mushrooms will be gone in no time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen Bellinger View Post
    go ask Alice i think she'll know.
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    Get some advice on what kind of mushrooms they are. You can make a killer mushroom soup, and store bought mushrooms are going for $4.99 a pound here. Oh, er, a great mushroom soup, I mean.

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    FWIW, in the S.F. Bay area, every year there are stories in the paper about some recent immigants who collect 'death cap' mushrooms in the parks in the area and cook them and end up killing themselves. Apparently the mushrooms look pretty much like what they were used to collecting in their country of origin. So, Consider this a killjoy warning about eating things you find on the ground.

    But I do remember mushroom hunting with my dad in SE Iowa. I can still remember how good those morels we found tasted when my Grandma cooked them up...
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    Perhaps boiling water if you can manufacture get enough of it.... I haven't tried it on mushrooms specifically but its murder on the moss on the driveway. I found this out by accident doing beer brewing and was dumping some excess and voila all the moss it hit went shrively poo.. Further research (yaah interwebs) indicated that it was useful for various weed and see killing for the anti-herbicide using crowd. The problem is that you need a metric boatload of it to do much... so unless you have a 10+ gallon kettle you can get to temp this is probably useless advice

    For weeds I also use a blow torch (like this: ) which shrivels their divels (fastest way to clear weeds off of a gravel driveway, The "preen" anti sprout stuff wasn't quite cutting it). Only takes a short "hit", the intense heat actually pops the plant cells and kills them within a few days thereafter. I suspect that it wouldn't work on mushrooms though because the mycelia strands are below ground and thus protected.

    Purveyors of chemical control substances indicates that a Bayleton based herbicide/fungicide in the 1.5–3 pounds per 1000 square feet might work (and that ~6lbs/1000 sq ft acts as a control against sporulation).

    Also see this for more ideas: - less acid more base (in keeping with the thread I suppose).

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