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Thread: How do I kill mushrooms?

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    If they are edible I would kill them by sauteeing with butter and serving with steak. Or possibly finely sliced in spaghetti sauce.....
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is from last year but we are finding them now too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Newby View Post
    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	66669Brent,
    This is from last year but we are finding them now too.
    Now that's a haul Roger!
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    Do they look like this? The Shaggy Main or Ink Cap mushroom likes to grow by paths, it very tasty. But all mushrooms can cause issues with different people, it's like allergies, some people can eat even the most poisonous mushrooms with no effect and others can't eat the ones they sell in the grocery store. The way I was taught was to try a very small portion and increase the amount until you can eat a plate full, if your not dead you can eat that kind of mushroom.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I am an avid morel mushroom fan. The 3rd year after we moved to Idaho, an elk hunting friend invited us to go mushrooming the next spring. My wife was in heaven with all of our kitchen counter tops covered with 1/2 sliced morels while she par-fried them in butter before freezing them for later consumption. As she was cooking them she yelled "Now this place feels like home." When the weather cooperates here, we have morels yearly in our kitchen

    That being said, we also have "false morels" here which are deadly toxic.While in Canada opening a Boy Scout camp for the summer with my FIL and 20 of his friends, we found morels that were bright red due to the iron content. We ate them with no effects and yet the false morels here are purple and will kill you. Hunting mushrooms requires some knowledge and preferably some tutelage.

    My Mom and one of my sisters loved morels when they were younger but can't eat them now as they have become allergic to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Fitzgerald View Post
    My Mom and one of my sisters loved morels when they were younger but can't eat them now as they have become allergic to them.
    That's tragic! Mushrooms are a favorite food. Mostly here I find puffballs, shaggymanes and meadow mushrooms (agaricus campestris) which are safely edible. I have seen one morel in all the years I have looked for them, and it was so wormy that it was inedible.

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    Attachment 66686Attachment 66687Attachment 66688Guess I should have done this sooner. Pics! The patch runs from the back yard to the front yard, north of the outhouse. It ranges from about six-inches wide to a little over two-feet wide. The little buggers all seem to be part of the same family.

    I cannot do a lot of the logical methods of killing them off. I cannot move the house to give the area more sun. There is no irrigation there so I cannot stop irrigating. The same thing applies to many of the remedies on the web site. Therefore I will go to Home Depot if a couple of the things FWW members don't work.

    Thanks a Million.

    Wish me Joy in my killing spree.

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    LOML and I killed a half pound for dinner tonight with some butter, a little EVOO, thyme, rosemary, chopped onion, minced garlic and a couple of ounces of chardonnay to finish the saute. Went great with beef tips, brown gravy over egg noodles and a side salad. And, we never left home. Have I told you I like to cook as well as make sawdust? Wood chips are good fiber, right???
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    Hi Jim,

    You are probably right that all the little buggers are part of the same family. The part you see is literally just the tip of the iceburg - kind of like the flower on a plant. The mycelium is the actual feeding part of the organism and can be quite huge

    How deep does that red rock go? You may try raking it up and turning it over, spraying with a bit of boric acid. Be careful with the stuff if you grow anything in the area -- too much boric acid can prevent anything from growing in the area for a very long time. Any solution to the problem has to deal with the 90% of the mushroom that is underground that you don't see.
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    How deep is that lava rock? I can't believe those shrooms are growing on lava rock. What did you use for a base ??

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