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Thread: Woodworking in America Conference in Pasadena

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    Red face Woodworking in America Conference in Pasadena

    Just a quick FYI I copied from another forum for those of you in the SW corner.

    Popular Woodworking Magazine will be hosting the Woodworking in America Conference in Pasadena this October, the weekend of the 12, 13, & 14. That is the weekend before "Craftsman Weekend".

    Woodworking in America is a 3-day conference for woodworkers featuring class sessions with world-class woodworkers and a marketplace of tool suppliers. Among the presenters will be Jim Ipekjian and one of the special events is dinner on the terrace at the Gamble house. Here is a link to the conference site for more information:
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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    BTW, any of you G&G fans that are not familiar with Jim's work; it is really spectacular:
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    Thanks for the reminder, Rennie. I will try my best to attend.

    Glenn, Jim's work is great and he is a very down to earth guy too. I visited his shop a few years ago and met him there. Check out some of the photos taken at his shop in this thread:
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