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Thread: Big 'ol platter

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    Big 'ol platter

    After removing myself from the dull drums, I pulled this cheese and cracker platter out of the "Get it done" pile. Last of the red oak...thankfully, so the next ones will come from better stock.
    14 1/2" diameter, sanded to 600 because red oak gets some open grain in spots. 6" white marble insert and about 10 coats of Formby's Tung oil finish. I used WOP on the first one and IMHO...either it sucked or I did...jury is still out. I really wanted to do something with the accent ring, but I guess I lost interest. The underside of the rim has a groove to make handling easier. About a 9" base for stabilization...I've found that wine usually accompanies cheese and the platter becomes less stable with more empty wine bottles stacked on it.
    Thanks for looking!
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    Both Form and finish are nice.
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    Looks great, JB. Where did you end up finding the marble?

    The accent ring looks perfectly sized for Ritz crackers. Not a lot of people realize it, but Ritz crackers are one of the primary food groups, along with chocolate, Coca-Cola, and cheese.
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    Thats good Vaughn.

    Jim great looking piece.
    Bernie W.

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    Nicely done Jim, but way too classy for my pickled Bologna (baloney) & cheese in a can
    That marble's a nice touch!

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    Very nice Jim. Very nice. Wish you could get to do that on some pieces of Larrys figure walnut so the wood has more say too.

    Of course Vaughn has hijacked your thread with his comments

    Vaughn that killed me laughing.

    Jim just thinking aloud but what about a bit of router action on that a little like Allen did with his serving bowl.
    If you hollow out a segment it could hold a olive or the likes.

    Also while i am on a roll.....a small glass bowl in the middle and a ring of prawns would be an alternative use to cheese

    Prawns in your food group Vaughn?

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    My wife would like that, it's a really nice piece of work. Can we see some of the dull drums, though? I'd like to see what they look like.

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    Lookin' good to me Jim.

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    Thanks all! I made it big enough to hold a pizza or lot's of cheeseburgers...the only real food groups!
    I stuck with the tiles from CSUSA...still looking for bigger ones though.
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    You forgot bacon, Vaughn.

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