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Thread: This works pretty well

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    This works pretty well

    I should of made one of these long ago. Anything that keeps me from emptying the DC bag every day gets my vote

    I bought the container from a guy on CL for $20.00 (didn't smell like pickles or olives either) I think the fittings cost about $14.00 from Rockler.
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    When it gets about 3/4 full the DC starts to suck some chips into the bag so I know it's time to dump the barrel. Other than that almost no chips get into the bag
    It's a lot easier to dump the barrel than to change the bag. The barrel is 30 gallon which is just about right for me. A bigger barrel would obviously hold more chips but would be to heavy and cumbersome for me to empty it.
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ID:	66780This is about 70 bf of 4/4 ash. No muss no fuss
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    That's a great size (and material) for a separator barrel. Sounds like it's doing the trick for you, too.
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    That is a great idea, will be checking out CL later today...

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    Good move Bob

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darren Wright View Post
    That is a great idea, will be checking out CL later today...
    Darren, if there is a local recycling center check there as well. I got a 30g drum for the price of "if you're taking one you have to take two ". They had a bunch that either had industrial food service cleaning caustic (easily neutralized with a little vinegar and washed with cool water) and "Sodium hypochlorite" (aka bleach - 12%) just lots of cool water. They also had some food barrels but they smelled like something worse than pickles after having sat in the sun for a few days

    Mine didn't have the sexy clamps that Bobs has though, so that may be worth $20

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    Great stuff. Thanks for sharing your experience with that rig.
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