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Thread: What people can do with education and of my favorite nations

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    What people can do with education and of my favorite nations

    I have mentioned this place before but until you meet these people personally you just cannot get a feel for how great they are.

    Check out this Malawian guy, I put him in the category of guys like Thomas Edison or Graham Bell.

    Current forms of aid to Africa are creating dependency rather than permiting this kind of thing to take place. The ingenuity i have seen there coupled with skill goes beyond describing.

    If you ever want to visit a beatufil place with great people visit Malawi. I think of kids in the western world that dont study given the opportunity free and with electricity and running water at home and then you see this and wonder. Once again thank goodness for the internet getting this kind of guy some exposure. Eating the elephant one bite at a time.

    So i guess he is a woodworker of sorts if you look at his towers.

    BTW in the markets in Malawi you buy your nails in units of 1 and no thats not 1 pound or kilo or dozen or box its one, by one.

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    I went to Mombasa, Kenya last Sept. with my church. Our building team built a church in a town that was a two hour drive from the city into the middle of nowhere. When they got there, there was 3G available. They have a better 3G network than we do and see getting internet access as a way of moving the country and continent ahead economically. They'll get there I think.

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    That was great Rob.
    If you don't take pride in your work, life get's pretty boring.

    Rule of thumb is if you donít know what tool to buy next, then you probably donít need it yet.

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