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Thread: It's Friday...the 13th edition!

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    It's Friday...the 13th edition!

    For me I'll be getting in some lawn work tonight or tomorrow. Need to do some cleaning and organizing in my office. I think I may put together a shelving unit as well. I could also use some guitar mounts for the wall to get them off the floor in the corner, so may look around for some designs and build some (please post if you have any). Also need to do some design work on a new booth cabinet to fit the new touch screen and camera.

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    Some of the kids are coming over tonight for dinner and birthday cake. Hopefully I'll spend a good portion of the weekend working on the desk.
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    No shop time this weekend. LOML and I will spend tomarrow doing stuff together then have a nice dinner to celebrate another year of wedded bliss.
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    Homework, but that's about over. Prom for Comet, her first.
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    Turkey hunting Saturday morning in Va and then Sunday leaving for a few days to head down into Va to the farm I hunt a lot for turkeys. I need a break.
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    If I get out of bed, I wont do anything anyway.
    technically though, Id guess laying in bed and watching TV is something.
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    Thankfully they're calling for rain here the next 4 & relaxation is on my agenda...this yard work has taken it's toll on this old body.
    Wife has a baby shower to attend on Saturday, and is spending Sunday with her sisters sending out thank you cards in regards to their mother's should have plenty of quiet time

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    I am off to pick up some bearings this afternoon. Have had some parts machined for the old delta rockwell scroll saw and decided while i was at it to replace the main bearings given its all apart again.

    Then assemble and test. While having parts machined i had the machinest make up a new upper and lower chuck design for a dedicated quick release scroll saw blade operation.

    Delta/Rockwell used to make a self centering lower chuck which is not around or to be had for love nor money.

    I will update my post with results if all goes well. Its my hope that with a little post fitment and testing refinement this guy can put these parts on ebay and vintage machinery site for sale for others to be able to upgrade their saws if they wish. There will be a few other parts in the kit too if all goes to plan. Hopefully this upgrade breathes new life into this machine for scroll sawing. If not its definitely going out the door on sale.

    Then i am on to fixing the leak on the power washer i scored at the same time that i got the scroll saw. So this weekend i am part mechanic and part woodworker.

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    Friday: I've had some shop time today working on the platform bed and nightstand. Tonight, I've got a date! When LOML gets home from work, we're heading to Red Lobster in Valdosta for dinner.

    Saturday: Probably no shop time, unless LOML volunteers to come in here and vacuum for me. Otherwise, we plan to have a restful day watching the wind blow. Oh, yeah - the Texas race is Saturday night!

    Sunday: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzz..........................................
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    I hope to be up and around tomorrow. Been down with flu since wed night...but I have someone keeping me from getting lonely...

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