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Thread: Today I almost killed myself...

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    Wow Toni, I'm glad the only bodily fluid you lost was the cold sweat. Thanks for the chilling reminder.
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    Wow Toni had cold shivers just reading this. Glad you got fast reaction. Told Linda your story and she fessed up and showed me how she nearly cut her finger off yesterday while working in the kitchen and being distracted for a moment with a knife in her hand chopping. Only found out today after i told her your story she was hiding it from me.

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    Wow....Glad you are okay...just a little shaken I bet.
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    Man Toni that gave me a chill........glad yer OK
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    Could have been very bad Toni. I'm happy to hear no harm was done. That's a sobering reminder that things we do routinely without a second thought can suddenly reach out and touch us when we least expect it.

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    Hey, Toni. Stop trying to be a comedian and a regular cut-up. Barcelona needs you, FWW needs you.

    I am so very glad that you didn't disembowel yourself.


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